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Many European imported vehicles are known for their top performance, outstanding luxury, and first-class performance.  That being said, even when considering this elite group of available options, not many come close to the reputation and glamour that Porsche provides. Some people consider Porsche to be a brand equivalent to any of the shiny adjectives one may use when describing a truly top-of-the-line automobile, and there is evidence to back that up.

Although a Porsche may be representative of a variety of themes, it is most often the quality itself that creates the demand for this vehicle.  From optimum acceleration and braking to incredibly fine control and responsive steering, there is no denying what a Porsche has to offer and once you have taken one for a spin, you can completely comprehend why so many drivers are enthusiasts.

Why Porsche?

Are you really asking this question? Although it may seem intimidating to consider having to work with a specialty auto mechanic and technician, Porsche represents luxury, class, and power. Porsche automobiles are not exclusively for warm weather areas.

Porsches are meant to be able to handle a wide variety of temperatures and weather, including all of the random Chicago can bring to any given year. Porsches are recognized for their especially efficient performance and their engines can truly roar through all of their cylinders to provide sufficient power and acceleration.

Tips for Porsche Maintenance

Although these automobiles are recognized for their long-lasting capabilities, even the most premium car will run better and last longer when it is appropriately cared for. Although auto repair at some point is unavoidable, exercising correct maintenance precautions can assist you in maximizing the longevity and daily performance of your Porsche.

Standard Maintenance Precautions

Some precautions need a little mention as they are practically maintenance rules for all vehicles of all brands and not specific to the Porsche. Some basic precautions include listening for odd sounds, keeping an eye out for signals that the steering or response may not be functioning in top form.

The number one maintenance precaution for dummies is to look out for your check engine light. This indicates that your OBD sensors may have detected an issue in your vehicle. A licensed Porsche car mechanic or technician can easily check your system, read the error code, and coordinate that to the spot where your car may have an issue. Having the proper tools and training play an important role in this case and the more efficient and speedy the repair, the shorter the wait and the lower the bill for you!

Keep an Eye Out for Porsche Repair Problems

We simply cannot tell you too many times that Porsche automobiles require little car repair in general but as time passes and enough miles have been driven, there are bound to be issues of some type. Obviously, all vehicles have some type of shelf life and none will last forever. These cars truly are incredible but you should be aware of a few potential problems and even more so if you are unfamiliar with the car’s maintenance history and general upkeep. There are a few common issues that are more likely to arise with a Porsche.

Engine Issues/Engine Smoking

Try not to freak out right away if you observe smoke coming from your engine. Although you should definitely have your vehicle evaluated as soon as you can, it is possible that the last technician who carried out your car’s maintenance was not officially certified or perhaps did not have the required experience with Porsche automobiles, and may have overfilled the oil, causing it to burn and create smoke.

Check Water Pump Issues

The water pump is a truly important part of all vehicles and even more so for premium automobiles like the Porsche with high-performance engines. It prevents overheating, in turn preventing severe damage to your engine. If your engine becomes severely damaged to the point of replacement, you are best not to ever see that bill.

Due to the high-performance level, be certain to get a check-up at even the slightest sign of a water pump issue (engine runs hot, heating difficulty, car cooling down slower than normal). Porsche maintenance is only a fraction of the long-run costs of common vehicle repair.

Cooling Issues

Cooling issues are another big-ticket as far as keeping your Porsche running optimally, specifically if you own a Porsche Panamera or Cayenne in which case you should be even more careful with cooling problems. As their seal may wear out over miles and time, these two particular models may require extra sealing work.
One sign of this issue is a rather musty smell that comes from your engine when you open the hood or even when you are in your car. This may signify that coolant is puddling inside your engine which never comes out with positive results.

If you live in the Chicago area and require any kind of service for your Porsche, you can contact us today and set up an appointment. BTR Chicago is your best source for expert, professional, top-ranked Porsche repair specialists who easily handle anything from an oil change to detailing to repairs to maintenance to have your automobile performing and looking it’s very best once it is back out on the streets!

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