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Driving a Porsche can be a thrill. It’s a powerful machine that has incredible style and beauty. That’s why BTR provides highly specialized Porsche Service. Whether you’re looking for general Porsche service or detailed Porsche repair, our exceptional team of Porsche specialists can handle your vehicle with great care. Trust the Porsche mechanic in Northbrook that understands how to work with such a remarkable vehicle. We can provide any type of service your car needs, from a simple Porsche oil change to a Porsche repair. We can even provide outstanding Porsche restoration to make your old car new again. When it comes to your Porsche, come to the best at BTR. We are your Porsche specialists in Northbrook, so you can count on us to do what’s right for your vehicle.

Porsche Mechanic

Because your Porsche is more than just a car, it`s a way of life on the road, you shouldn`t trust your high-end machine to just anyone. You want the Porsche specialist that can handle your vehicle with care and expertise. Whether you need general service, like a Porsche oil change or you want a complete Porsche rebuild, BTR is the right Porsche mechanic for the job.

With BTR taking care of your vehicle, you don`t have to worry about a high Porsche maintenance cost in Northbrook. Our experts will treat you right from beginning to end with affordable options and the professional knowhow to treat your Porsche like it was our own.

Make BTR team your Porsche mechanic in Northbrook and drive without worry knowing your special vehicle is getting the special care it needs.


Porsche Of Our Customers


Top Choice for Porsche Repair

If you need parts or maintenance for your Porsche, bring it to the Porsche specialist at BTR. We know how to handle any kind of Porsche repair, minor or major so that you can drive care-free.

As the Porsche service experts in Northbrook, BTR will inspect your high-performance vehicle, find the problem quickly, and offer the best possible solution to get your back on the road without the high Porsche maintenance cost you might expect to pay.

When it comes to your Porsche, trust the experts in Porsche repair in Northbrook, and leave your vehicle in the hands of the Porsche service experts. After all, there is only one way to drive a Porsche, and that`s with all cylinders pumping. Your BTR Porsche specialists will make it happen for you.

What Featured Services Do We Provide As
Porsche Mechanic In Northbrook

Authentic Porsche Brakes
With our Porsche service in Northbrook, our authentic Porsche brakes are specifically designed to adapt to the suspension and engine output of relevant model types. In turn, this guarantees unyielding protection and premium performance. We test every part of the vehicle in the most extreme methods to ensure high-quality material and lower susceptibility towards wear and tear. This way, you can drive your Porsche anywhere you please with no mechanical problems in tow.

Aside from the engine, the tyres play a huge role in the dynamic performance of your Porsche. After all, they get direct contact with the road and take you anywhere you desire. With the right tyres, you can turn the steering wheel, touch the brake pedals, and travel for miles as flawlessly as possible. To keep your tyres in great condition, have our Porsche mechanic from the Northbrook area inspect your car regularly for maintenance. This will keep your Porsche in tiptop shape for the long haul.

Oil Change
All components of your Porsche are manufactured to work with all other parts smoothly, delivering premium performance and sustainable function. This includes engine oil. An honest high-performance oil does not simply lubricate your Porsche’s engine. You can rely on it for optimized performance for long engine life. For excellent Porsche oil change service in the Northbrook area, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Engine Rebuild
As a Porsche specialist around Northbrook, we can take care of all your vehicle concerns and needs. From simple Porsche restoration to major Porsche repair, we have professional mechanical technicians in our company that can serve you. We will provide a thorough assessment of your vehicle so we can advise a fair and unbiased solution within affordable rates. By the end of the work, we will have your Porsche running flawlessly for your long drives wherever you please.

Repair Expertise
Porsche is truly one of a kind, which is why all Porsche models need expert hands to work on them. At our company, we have the best Porsche specialists in Northbrook that can deliver all your needs. We are committed to providing all our clients the best Porsche repair service possible within reasonable quotes. You can rely on our technicians’ wide knowledge and decades of experience in the industry to deliver quality that is beyond your expected standards.

Complete Maintenance
We will help you determine what kind of maintenance or Porsche rebuild your vehicle needs. More than just an auto repair shop in the local area, we can take care of your Porsche vehicle inside and out. We provide detailed services to make your Porsche look shiny and brand new in time for your next driving adventure. Get in touch with us today!

Reasons to Get Your Porsche Repaired at Our Porsche Service

If you are driving a Porsche you already know that it is a high-quality and reliable vehicle, however, there are times where you may still need Porsche maintenance and Porsche repair – so you are going to need a Porsche service Northbrook residents can trust. Here are some reasons to come to our professional Porsche mechanic Northbrook:

Your Repair
Will Be Fast

We are proud to offer a Porsche service that is truly efficient. Each of our mechanics is a Porsche specialist and we always have official parts on hand, so if your Porsche repair is minor you can get your car back on the road in just a few hours.

Your Car
Will Be Worked on by Experts

Every repair, even a Porsche oil change, is done by an expert. We are the Porsche specialist Northbrook can rely on due to our years of experience with Porsche specifically. Your vehicle will be in great hands any time it enters the shop.

You’ll Get
Great Customer Service

From the smallest repair to our full-out services for Porsche restoration Northbrook, we want you to feel welcome and well cared for. Each Porsche Mechanic we work with is passionate about their work and cares about quality customer service and satisfaction.

Get the worry-free experience for Porsche repair Northbrook by visiting us at BTR.  From the quick and quality Porsche oil change Northbrook residents love, to a Porsche rebuild, and everything in between, our staff can help. We are just as passionate about your Porsche as you are and we can not wait to get you back on the road! Call or drive in today.

BTR Team - Best Porsche Service
Porsche Mechanic Experience Northbrook

As a preferred Porsche mechanic in Northbrook, we always aim for excellence by providing high-quality and fair-priced services to our loyal customers in the Northbrook area. Our team is committed to serving you professional auto care experience so your Porsche is always at its peak condition.

Our Porsche specialists in Northbrook are professionally trained to advise the best Porsche repair and solutions in the Northbrook area featuring fair price points. They also strictly follow Porsche’s repair and maintenance service guidelines for compliance and guaranteed standards. For the best Porsche service experience in the Northbrook area, our Porsche specialists consider your budget, concerns, and vehicle details including the make, model, and condition. Whether your Porsche needs a Porsche repair, a Porsche oil change, or a Porsche rebuild, we make sure that all of our Porsche services in Northbrook are affordable and at par with the quality you deserve. We also provide a detailed review of the services rendered for full disclosure.


Our Porsche Service Northbrook Can Meet All Your
Porsche Repair and Porsche Mechanic Needs

Colmar - France - 7 April 2018 - retail of porsche wheel with red brake

Our team of Porsche mechanics in Northbrook can take care of all your Porsche repair and maintenance needs with seamless performance. You can rest assured our Porsche specialists in Northbrook understand what it takes to service a brand as premium as Porsche.

As it is known, Porsche is a reputable, reliable, and competitive brand not only in the German market, but on a global scale. As an automobile aficionado, you know that any calibre that comes close to a Porsche deserves the best treatment to maintain its great quality and superb performance. Aside from general maintenance, our Porsche specialists in Northbrook can also take care of your electronic or transmission issues. Our expert technicians always go the extra mile to advise the best Porsche service plan in Northbrook for you. You can trust us to keep your Porsche performing just the way it should.

For your peace of mind, our Porsche specialists in Northbrook can answer all your questions and concerns regarding the brand or your vehicle. For any Porsche repair or Porsche restoration in Northbrook, trust our reliable services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Porsche Service & Repair
Answered By BTR Porsche Service in Northbrook Experts

Is it normal for brakes to produce noise occasionally?
Porsche vehicles are made with powerful brakes yet may produce brake sounds from time to time. If you are not sure whether your brakes are producing normal sounds or unusual noise, feel free to get in touch with our expert Porsche mechanics around Northbrook for vehicle inspection. You may also watch this video for more information.

When is a tire replacement service ideal?
No matter what type of vehicle you have, make it a habit to have your tires inspected regularly. When a tire replacement is due, you can approach your trusted Porsche specialist in Northbrook to get the replacement done. Timely replacement can prevent your tires from undue malfunctions especially when on the road.

How can I maintain my Porsche in excellent condition?
Generally, regularly servicing should be practiced to keep your Porsche vehicle in tasteful condition. This includes Porsche oil change, and in some instances, a Porsche repair in Northbrook. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your Porsche to stay fully functioning, powerful, and responsive. Make it a habit to contact your Porsche specialist in Northbrook upon a minor sight of damage.

Why does my Porsche overheat?
There are a few factors that may cause your Porsche vehicle to overheat. In most instances, there may be a leak in your cooling system or one of the hoses. As a result, the coolant is unable to regulate the heat coming from the engine, which causes overheating to occur. At this point, you may need our Porsche service around Northbrook to get your vehicle back in running condition. We also perform Porsche rebuild and Porsche restoration in the local suburbs. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

Have One of These Common Porsche Problems?
Our Porsche Mechanics Have Answers

Cooling Issues 
If your Porsche Panamera or Cayenne has a leak in the Coolant distribution pipe, it should be noted that you will not notice it through the drip on the floor of your garage unlike other models, since the point of failure is located in the top of the engine, just between the cylinders. If in case your Porsche shows symptoms of overheating, as well as signs of coolant leakage such as wet carpets behind the engine area, stop immediately and contact a Porsche specialist at BTR team to carry out the respective Porsche repair.

If you have a Porsche 911 or Boxter and you notice that it is generating a lot of smoke in the engine area, it does not necessarily imply that you need an overhaul, but that you have an excess of oil in your system (something common in car shops that do not have adequate Porsche oil change standards). Since the engines of these models have timing chains and chain guides that stretch and wear over time, respectively, it is necessary to take it to our BTR branch to perform a Porsche service as soon as possible. Refusal to do so could cause valve train interference to the point of catastrophic engine failure.

Steering & Suspension
Upon receiving any warning signals regarding the ABS system of your Porsche, it is possible that the ABS Electronic Model has failed due to wear and tear on the Constant Velocity (CV) joint. The deterioration of the CV although it is normal, in the Porsche is more evident by the high demand of the engine to the force of it. Therefore, it is necessary to have grease boots checked by our authorized Porsche mechanic for tears or cracks. If that’s the case, it can go through a Porsche rebuild process or be replaced in its entirety.

If you have a manual transmission Porsche and you are having trouble shifting or hearing strange sounds when shifting, your synchros are most likely worn out. Fortunately, here at BTR we perform Porsche transmission maintenance services so that it can continue to function properly. We also perform maintenance services for Porsche vehicles with automatic transmission, using the proper equipment and transmission fluid.

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