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Driving a Porsche can be quite thrilling. It is an incredibly stylish, beautiful, and powerful machine. For this reason, BTR Chicago Inc. offers highly expert Porsche Service Chicago auto-owners recommend. No matter if you are looking for detailed Porsche repair or general Porsche service, our outstanding team of Porsche experts will take care of your vehicle with special care. Rest assured that our Porsche mechanic Chicago residents rely on comprehends how to properly work with such an incredible automobile. We can perform any type of service your car requires, from an in depth Porsche repair to a basic Porsche oil change in Chicago. We can also make your old car new again through exceptional Porsche restoration Chicago auto-owners prefer. When caring for your Porsche, choose the very best here at BTR Chicago Inc. We are an industry leader as a Porsche specialist in Chicago, so you can rely on us to provide just what your vehicle needs.

Your Porsche Mechanic Chicago Auto-Owners Recommend

You cannot trust your high-end automobile to just anyone, your Porsche is so much more than simply a car, on the road it is a way of life. You should hire the Porsche specialist who will take care of your vehicle with expertise and care. No matter if you require general service, such as a Porsche oil change or you seek a total Porsche rebuild, BTR Chicago Inc. is the best Porsche mechanic to do the job for you..

With BTR taking care of your vehicle, you don`t have to worry about a high Porsche maintenance cost in Northbrook. With your vehicle in the hands of BTR Chicago Inc, you do not have to concern yourself with the high Porsche maintenance cost in Chicago. From beginning to end, our experts will treat you well with reasonable options in addition to the professional knowledge of how best to treat your Porsche as though it was our own.

Make BTR Chicago Inc. you Porsche mechanic in Chicago and drive worry free knowing your treasured vehicle is getting the special care it requires.


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Top Choice for Porsche Repair

If you seek maintenance or parts for your Porsche, be sure to bring it to the BTR Chicago Inc.’s Porsche specialists. We know how to take care of any type of Porsche repair, large or small, allowing you to drive without worry.

As the Porsche service experts in Chicago, BTR Chicago will perform an inspection of your special vehicle, quickly encounter the issue, and provide the best solution possible to get you and your car back on the road without incurring the high Porsche maintenance cost you might assume you will have to pay.

Trust the experts in Porsche repair in Chicago for any of your Porsche needs, and trust your vehicle to the Porsche service experts at BTR Chicago Inc. When it comes down to it, the only true way to drive a Porsche is with every cylinder pumping. Your BTR Chicago Porsche specialists will come through for you.

What Featured Services Do We Provide As
Porsche Mechanic From Northbrook

Authentic Porsche Brakes
With our Porsche service in Chicago, our genuine Porsche brakes are designed specifically to adjust to the engine output and suspension of appropriate model types. This, in turn, ensures superior performance and unyielding protection. We test each part of the vehicle using the most extreme methods to guarantee high-quality material and reduced vulnerability to wear and tear. In doing so, you can drive your Porsche where-ever you like without being accompanied by any mechanical problems.

In addition to the engine, the tires play an important role in your Porsche’s dynamic performance. When it comes down to it, they are directly in contact with the road and take you wherever it is you wish to go. With the proper tires, you are able to touch the brake pedals, travel for miles, and turn the steering wheel, as easily as possible. To maintain your tires in optimum condition, our Porsche mechanic in Chicago should inspect your car frequently for routine maintenance. At the end of the day, this will maintain top shape for your Porsche.

Oil Change
Every component of your Porsche is made to smoothly work with each of the other parts, providing quality performance and excellent function, including engine oil. Not only does a proper high-performance oil lubricate your Porsche’s engine, you can rest assured it will also provide optimized performance and extended engine life. For top Porsche oil change service in Chicago, do not hesitate to contact us at any moment.

Engine Rebuild
As a Porsche specialist in Chicago, we can handle all of your vehicle needs and concerns. From major Porsche repair to basic Porsche rebuild in Chicago, our company’s professional mechanical technicians will serve you well. We can provide a proper evaluation of your vehicle in order to provide advice regarding an unbiased and fair solution with reasonable rates. By the time we have finished the work, your Porsche will be running seamlessly for those long drives you take to wherever you wish.

Repair Expertise
All Porsche models need expert hands to work on them as every Porsche is genuinely unique. At our company, we employ the best Porsche specialists in Chicago who are capable of delivering all of your needs. We are dedicated to delivering the best Porsche repair service possible within affordable quotes to all of our clients. You can trust our technicians’ vast knowledge as well as our decades of industry experience to provide quality that exceeds your projected standards.

Complete Maintenance & Detailing
We will assist you in determining the type of maintenance or Porsche rebuild your vehicle may require. We can handle the care of your Porsche vehicle both inside and outside as we are so much more than a simple auto repair shop in your local area. We can make your Porsche look shiny and brand new before your next driving adventure by offering our detailed services. Reach out to us today!

Reasons to Get Your Porsche Repaired at Our Porsche Service

If you are driving a Porsche you are likely well aware that it is a reliable and high-quality vehicle. But, certain moments arise when you actually require Porsche repair and Porsche maintenance in Chicago – so you are certainly going to require a Porsche service Chicago residents can rely on. Below are listed a few of the reasons you should come see our professional Porsche mechanic Chicago auto-owners trust:

Your Repair
Will Be Swift

We proudly offer efficient and excellent Porsche service. All of our mechanics are Porsche specialists and we consistently keep genuine parts on hand. If your Porsche repair is only minor, we will be certain to get your car back on the road in merely a few hours.

Experts Will
Work On Your Car

Each repair, including a Porsche oil change, is performed by an expert. We are Porsche specialists Chicago can trust thanks to our years of specific experience with Porsche. Your vehicle will be in the best of hands every time it enters our shop.

You’ll Receive
Great Customer Service

From the tiniest repair to our complete services for Porsche restoration Chicago, we do our best for you to feel well cared for and welcome. Every Porsche Mechanic we work with cares about quality customer service and satisfaction and is incredibly passionate about their work.

Visit us at BTR Chicago Inc and receive a bother-free experience for Porsche repair Chicago. Our staff is here to help, from our high-quality and swift Porsche oil change Chicago auto-owners recommend, to a full Porsche rebuild in Chicago, and everything else in between. We are equally as passionate about your Porsche as you are and we look forward to getting you back on the road as soon as possible! Call us or drive in to see us today.

BTR Chicago Inc. Best Porsche Service
Porsche Mechanic Experience Chicago

As a leading Porsche mechanic in Chicago, we constantly seek excellence by providing fair-priced and high-quality services to all of our devoted customers throughout the Chicago area. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your Porsche is always at its peak condition by providing you with the utmost professional auto care experience.

Our Porsche specialists in Chicago are expertly trained to provide the best, most reasonably priced Porsche repair and solutions advice in the Chicago area. Additionally, they strictly adhere to Porsche’s maintenance and repair service guidelines for compliance and guaranteed standards. For the best possible Porsche service experience Chicago has to offer, our Porsche specialists take your concerns, vehicle details like the make, model, and condition, as well as your budget into consideration. No matter if your Porsche requires a Porsche repair, a Porsche rebuild, or a Porsche oil change, we make sure that all of our Porsche services in Chicago are at par with the quality you deserve in addition to being affordable. For full disclosure, we also offer a comprehensive report of the services provided.


Our Porsche Service Chicago Will Meet All Your
Porsche Repair and Porsche Mechanic Requirements

Colmar - France - 7 April 2018 - retail of porsche wheel with red brake

Our BTR Chicago Inc team of Porsche mechanics in Chicago can handle all your Porsche maintenance and repair needs with flawless performance. You can be certain that our Porsche specialists in Chicago comprehend what is needed to properly service a premium brand like Porsche.

Porsche is recognized as a competitive, reliable, and reputable brand not only within the German market, but as part of the global market. As a fan of automobiles, you are aware that every calibre that even nears that of a Porsche deserves the finest treatment to keep its superb quality and outstanding performance. In addition to general maintenance, our Porsche specialists in Chicago can also handle any of your transmission or electronic issues. Our professional technicians always take the necessary steps to provide the top Porsche service plan in Chicago for you. You can rely on us to ensure your Porsche continues performing precisely the way it should.

Our Porsche specialists in Chicago will respond to all of your questions and concerns about your vehicle or the brand itself in order to provide you with the necessary peace of mind. For any Porsche restoration or Porsch repair in Chicago, rely on our trustworthy services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Porsche Service & Repair
Answered By BTR Chicago Inc. Porsche Service in Chicago Experts

Is it common for brakes to produce occasional noise?
Porsche vehicles are manufactured with powerful brakes and can potentially produce brake sounds occasionally. If you are not certain whether the sounds your brakes are producing are normal or unusual noise, do not hesitate to contact our professional Porsche mechanics in Chicago for inspection of your vehicle. You may also wish to check out this video for additional information.

When is a tire replacement service ideal?
Whatever the type of vehicle you own, you should make a habit of having your tires regularly inspected. When it is time for a tire replacement, you can head into your trusted Porsche specialist in Chicago to have the replacement performed. Opportune replacement may prevent your tires from unnecessary malfunctions on the road.

How can I maintain my Porsche in top condition?
Commonly, one should practice regularly servicing to maintain your Porsche vehicle in proper condition. This includes Porsche oil change, and in certain, a Porsche repair in Chicago. Adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule to ensure your Porsche remains completely responsive, functioning, and powerful. Make a habit out of contacting your Porsche specialist in Chicago at any minor sign of damage.

Why does my Porsche overheat?
Various factors may cause your Porsche vehicle to become overheated. In the majority of cases, your cooling system or one of the hoses may have a leak. In turn, the coolant cannot regulate the heat that comes from the engine, which results in overheating. If this occurs, to get your vehicle back in running shape, you might require our Porsche service in Chicago. Additionally, we perform Porsche rebuild and Porsche restoration in the local suburbs. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any moment.

Experiencing One of These Common Porsche Problems?
Our Porsche Mechanics Have Answers

Cooling Issues 
If there is a leak in the Coolant distribution pipe of your Porsche Cayenne or Panamera, take note that, unlike other models, you will not likely notice it through the drip on the floor of your garage, as in this case the point of failure is located just between the cylinders, in the top of the engine. Stop immediately and contact a Porsche specialist at BTR Chicago to perform the respective Porsche repair if your Porsche happens to show symptoms of overheating, in addition to signs of coolant leakage like wet carpets behind the engine area.

If you notice that your Porsche Boxster or 911 is producing a lot of smoke in the engine area, it does not necessarily mean that you require an overhaul, but perhaps that there is an excess of oil in your system (something common in car shops that do not adhere to proper Porsche oil change standards). As the engines of these models have timing chains and chain guides that can stretch and wear over time, it may be necessary to take it to our BTR Chicago Inc branch and have a Porsche service performed as soon as possible. Not doing so could trigger valve train interference to the point engine failure that is completely devastating.

Steering & Suspension
Upon the reception of any warning signals about the ABS system of your Porsche, the ABS Electronic Model may have possibly failed from wear and tear on the Constant Velocity (CV) joint. Although the deterioration of the CV is normal, in the Porsche it may be more obvious by the higher demand of the engine to the force of it. In this case, you should be sure to have grease boots checked for cracks or tears by our authorized Porsche mechanic. In this case, it may be necessary to undergo a Porsche rebuild process or potentially even be completely replaced.

If you have a Porsche with a manual transmission and you are having issues with shifting or hearing strange noises when you shift, your synchros are likely worn out. Luckily, we perform Porsche transmission maintenance services here at BTR Chicago so your transmission can continue to function correctly. We also utilize the proper equipment and transmission fluid in offering maintenance services for Porsche vehicles with automatic transmission.

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