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Regular maintenance keeps your car working efficiently and for longer and reduces the possibility of having to make expensive, unnecessary repairs later on. It’s wise to have your car routinely serviced by professionals. One of the most important services to carry out regularly is an oil change and oil filter change. Clean, good quality oil is a necessity for keeping your engine in optimal working condition and to maximise fuel efficiency. At BTR Chicago, We perform oil change and filter change services to all types of vehicle, at competitive prices. All our garages are modern and well equipped and we perform oil change Chicago services while you wait.

Come to us for your next oil change service, with short waiting times, and excellent service,  at low prices. Contact us for more information today.

Oil Change Importance

In order to make sure that your beloved vehicle sticks around as long as possible, routine oil changes are a must. As this vital liquid reduces the amount of friction created, it assists in balancing the under-hood temperatures . When you are driving across town using old oil that is not as viscous, added heat is created and can be a threat to your engine’s more sensitive areas. Additionally, it carries dust and debris away, hence contributing to the cleanliness of the powertrain. To top of those benefits, oil also helps in the prevention of corrosion, meaning every element under your hood will appear brand new for many more years.

Warning Signals

We know that life is busy and that it is easy to get distracted and neglect this task. However, our Service Department recommends having your oil changed regularly, prior to any issues. But, you will certainly reach a point where it is impossible to wait any longer. In general, there are a few warning signs that will tell you that time is about to end. One example is the reduction in MPG use which translated directly to extra visits to the gas station. In addition, it is possible that more noise than usual comes from your engine. Lastly, an equally important, your Check Engine light may come on as you drive through town in your car.

Replacement of Oil Filters

Each oil change we perform involves oil filter replacement, as the oil filter collects debris, dirt, and other varied particles that have the potential to cause damage to your engine. Rely on us to ensure your road movement is both efficient and safe!

Premium oil

We exclusively utilize premium oil brands that suit the needs of your car, fully synthetic to synthetic blend, from high-mileage to standard oil. Care for your car and it should take care of you in return!

Intervals between oil changes

The recommended intervals between oil changes tend to vary based on the manufacturer. Certain older car models call for changes that are more frequent changes, but new cars tend to require oil changes between 8,000 to 12,000 miles. We pinpoint what works best for you, no matter the model or make.

How can I tell when to change my oil?

Oil is crucial to the lubrication of your engine’s moving parts. However, oil’s lubricating properties will not last indefinitely. Below are several easy manners in which you can tell that your car requires an oil change:

  • Oil color has become dark (when checked with dipstick)
  • Oil has become gritty and coarse (when checked with dipstick)
  • Level of oil drops even when topped off regularly
  • Engine makes increased noise
  • Exhaust releasing dirty smoke
  • Oil warning light on dashboard has become illuminated
  • High mileage since last time oil was changed
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