Everything you need to know about your muffler repair 
If your car is in a healthy condition, there shouldn’t be any noise. Your muffler is the one responsible for minimizing the noise produced by your entire car machine. It also helps direct gases and reduces exhaust pressure.  But like any other part of your car without the proper maintenance, it can break with time. Give your car the proper care, giving it the best maintenance with our experts. Our BTR certified technicians Chicago will work to identify any muffler problems and to provide you the proper muffle solution based on your vehicle guidelines.

Important signs to keep in mind:
Any constant noise is a sign of muffle damage.
Water or liquid leaks around your muffle.
The car temperature is increasing  at an abnormal rate.

If you are experiencing any of these signs in your vehicle, it is time to bring it into European Auto Repair and Collision Chicago, for a complete inspection. We’ll make sure your car is in the proper condition for you to feel safe while driving.

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