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How to improve car performance

Chip tuning is one of the most frequently used, and most accessible, simple workshop methods for increasing engine power. In a chip tuned engine, the electronics force equipment to run more efficiently. The turbine pushes additional air into the combustion chambers, the injection system injects a similarly large amount of fuel, increasing the performance. Nevertheless, there is not a universal answer regarding the amount of horsepower that can be added to the engine – this depends on the unit itself as well as it’s type. The reserves that reside in the equipment make a big impact on the effectiveness of chip tuning: i.e. if, at factory settings, the turbocharger reaches a maximum of 60 percent of its maximum efficiency, it is obvious that it can be “boosted”. If, at normal engine settings, the turbocharger reaches its limits, it can really just be made to work more efficiently within the engine speed ranges where there are still reserves.

Software issue
Another important factor is the quality of the factory software: the better the software, the less you’ll be able to improve. Good results can frequently be accomplished with chip tuning when the car manufacturer places their emphasis on maximum fuel efficiency and low emissions. There is not a lot that can be done to improve an engine that is already overpowered.

Chip tuning is performed two ways: by uploading new software to the engine controller instead of the factory one, or through the installation of an additional device outside the controller, which may modify a certain amount of the data flowing to the controller in a manner that forces the power unit equipment to run in a more efficient manner. Although the former method is more invasive, it is also safer – a good tuning software changes many of the engine unit’s parameters, which increases the risk of failure only slightly, with appropriate use of the car it remains small.

How about mechanical tuning?
In the case of units without turbo (naturally aspirated) chip tuning is not effective enough to be the only interference in the car to provide an adequate engine power increase. Mechanical tuning is still a valid alternative. Its scope fluctuates, as do the associated the costs. One thing we can say for certain, it is definitely the most expensive way to increase engine power. Its scope includes increasing the compression ratio, changing camshafts, machining the engine head, etc. Although the effects can be truly astounding, without a doubt, the increase in power is accompanied by a deterioration of the work culture of the drive unit itself.

Some car owners utilize various accessories in an attempt to shorten the way to more power. Sport air filters and sport exhausts are common ones. Sport air filter is meant to provide less resistance than factory air filter, and it generally does. Additionally, although installation of the filter appears simple, it is not as easy as it seems. If we position it incorrectly in the engine chamber, it may suck hot air, and the expected increase in engine power will not be the result! In terms of sports exhausts, well-developed designs don’t only look attractive and sound interesting, they may also contribute to a minor performance improvement. This literally poses no risk.

We will gladly assist you in selecting the proper solution for increasing the power in your car, we have vast experience in a variety of modifications to car performance.

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