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Get your spring car inspection to save you money later!

The arrival of spring is perhaps one of those moments where car owners feel a complete relief, because they no longer have to use any type of material to melt the ice (such as salt and ash) to be able to drive well during that time of summer. But another main reason for that joy is because such deicing products could have caused corrosion damage to car parts and paint to the point of making costly repairs or depreciating the car’s original value.
Therefore, to avoid worrying about whether your car is in good condition for that long-awaited Spring Break or summer trip, you can take your vehicle to BTR Chicago for a car inspection to clear up your doubts.
By conducting a basic car review, you are ensuring that your vehicle stays running smoothly for much longer and avoiding potential long-term problems. If you don’t do it in time, the consequences will be very severe. Here at BTR Chicago we perform this review at your home through an experienced auto mechanic or at our Northbrook branch The tasks you must do in the review include:

  • Regularly check all fluids in the vehicle. This includes your oil, filters, transmission, brakes, coolant, power steering, and windshield washer fluid.
  • Change the cabin and intake filters regularly and replace them every 6 months.
  • Check the hoses for leaks and replace them if necessary, especially after the winter season where they can rupture.
  • Make sure the V- and serpentine belts are properly tensioned and check that they are not broken.
  • Make sure that the brakes, as well as their pads, brake linings, rotors and drums are working correctly and within a safe range.
  • Check that the battery is in optimal condition, since during the winter it could corrode. Other than that, make sure the connections to it are clean (including free from corrosion) and tight.
  • Check once a month that the pressure of your tires (including the spare) are correct. Be sure to find the recommended tire pressure on the driver’s door of your vehicle to avoid problems.

In this part, we will go deep into the tires. The vehicle owner must closely monitor the wear of the tires, since if they are wearing unevenly, have bubbles or cuts on their sidewall, it is imperative to replace them due to the fact that it could trigger a traffic accident at any time. Besides, when replacing them, the owner must make sure that all the tires are of the same type and brand. And this is exactly where alignment comes in. This process should be done at least once a year and especially in the spring season, since if you do it in winter, the alignment will not be precise. If the owner does not do it in time, it will have handling problems while driving due to roughness.
It is also important to replace the windshield wiping blades every 6 months (especially in the spring time, where there is a lot of rain) or when there is evidence of cracks or deterioration, something that the driver can see through the indicator stickers.
Here at BTR Chicago we pride ourselves on being one of the companies that offers a complete service to its clients so that their vehicles are in the most optimal conditions and even going the extra mile so that the results of said maintenance last for a long time, far beyond spring and summer. We work with all kinds of brands and models, which are served by the professional hands of our Class A experts.
We also carry a full selection of the most popular tires on the market, at prices that are completely fair to your pocket. For more information regarding our service portfolio or to reserve a space for maintenance, you can contact our operators by phone or online.

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