What’s the proper maintenance for my car exhaust system?
If you want to avoid getting sick because of the harmful emissions your car can produce, you need to keep a close eye on your exhaust system. It is responsible for keeping any dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide from leaking into your cabin.
Many factors such as climate and driving conditions can affect the life of your exhaust system.  At BTR Chicago auto repair & auto service, our experts are specially trained to give your car exhaust system the proper repair. It is normal that an exhaust system will last anywhere from two to three years.

Exhaust System Replacement
Depending on the age and mileage of your car or many other factors such as climate and driving conditions can affect the life of your exhaust system.  As a result, your car can experience fuel leaks, decreased engine function or you can get intoxicated with carbon dioxide.

Let our experts answer any question about your exhaust system repair.


Your exhaust system, muffler, and catalytic converter are crucial components of your vehicle.
It is essential to ensure that they are properly cared for and performing optimally. It could be a matter of life or death!

What Does the Exhaust System Do?

Basically, a solid exhaust system ensures that your vehicle runs properly. Its vital function is the diversion of hazardous exhaust fumes emitted by your vehicle’s engine. When the exhaust system is not functioning correctly, bad things may occur. Your car’s engine may deteriorate. What is scarier is the possible deadly carbon monoxide build up in the passenger area.
Additionally, an exhaust system that is effective should reduce emissions and could possibly even contribute to fuel economy improvement. Rely on the professionals at BTR Chicago In. for all of your muffler and exhaust maintenance and repair.

Exhaust Problem Indicators

A few warning signs may indicate problems with your exhaust pipe (tailpipe), catalytic converter, muffler, or exhaust system.


You may have an exhaust problem if your career is losing power or vibrating. But, these signs may also indicate other problems. Be sure to have it inspected by expert automotive technicians on the BTR Chicago Inc. team. We can pinpoint the correct source of this issue and repair it for you.

Check Engine Light

When your catalytic converter begins to fail, it often triggers your dashboard display’s check engine light. This sign is also best investigated by professionals in auto repair.

Rattling Sounds

Often, a dying catalytic converter can make noises as if someone were shaking up a penny-filled metal box. You should be aware that your catalytic converter is among an exhaust system’s most expensive components. For this reason, it is best never to take a chance. If you hear this noise, have it inspected right away.

Noisy Exhaust Sounds

Anytime your vehicle's “vroom vroom” is making more noise than usual, the problem likely lies in your exhaust pipe or muffler. The best option is to have it inspected then to obtain minor repair before these little problems evolve into major issues.

Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Perhaps you notice that your vehicle no longer gets the gas mileage that it normally does. This issue could be exhaust related or it could be another problem altogether. Only an inspection can say for sure.

BTR Chicago Inc. is ready for you with muffler, catalytic converter, and muffler service and repair. Additionally, we provide custom exhaust work on various tricked-out performance vehicles, muscle cars, and classic cars.

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