BTR brings the solutions for both factory and performance race turned custom engine rebuilds or replacements.  When you are in need to tune your light or heavy vehicle, you can trust us to be fully equipped with the right tools and mechanical expertise to get your engine in optimal condition. Our company offers the detailed services you need to keep your engine running as smooth. Consider the following:

– Engine rebuilds are less costly than engine replacements.
Savings can come from performing an engine rebuild over an engine replacement, depending on specific problems that you may face and factors such as cost of the parts needed for the repair. Savings of half off of the engine replacement cost versus that of an engine rebuild cost can prove to be an important benefit.

– BTR offers factory rebuilds and performance race tuned custom builds.
Taking into consideration that each vehicle comes with its own needs and owners with their own desires, our company uses the best possible tools to cater to each engine uniquely. Top industry standards such as SCT, MADS, HP, Diesel Spec and Calibrated Power, among others are some of the state-of-the-art industry tools utilized to modify your vehicle to its highest potential in performance and efficacy.

– We serve as a full mechanical and service center.
BTR offers reliable engine repair, engine overhaul, as well as other services including head gasket replacement for all vehicle models and types. From basic and routine maintenance to auto collision repair, we offer the proper repair or service your vehicle needs, without having to wait for a dealership service center or worry about shocking prices. You are welcome to try all our services which includes:
–       Oil Changes
–       Upgrades
–       Full Maintenance
–       Race Tuned Custom Builds
–       Full Engine Rebuilds
–       Factory Level Computer Diagnostics and many others.

Signs your engine may need to be rebuilt
Common signs that point to an engine rebuild being soon necessary include oil consumption and excessive white smoke in the exhaust, especially when the engine is cold, which is normally a sign of worn piston rings. Other extreme signs could be metal shavings in the engine oil (a common sign of dangerously worn bearings) and “knocking” or “rattling” from the engine bearings.

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