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In this blog post, we briefly discuss some common signs that you may need to get an auto repair sooner than you think.

Faulty Exhaust
Being the farthest part from the engine, the silencer is susceptible to corrosion due to acidic moisture. This moisture becomes particularly visible when the car revs and sprays moisture out of the exhaust. As a solution, a regular inspection of the exhaust for signs of corrosion is recommended.

Gas Smell
The smell of gas inside the car interior may also be an indication of an exhaust problem and is the direct result of an exhaust pipe leak or damage. Usually, in these cases, fumes leak through any gaps in the car and may breach the interior of your car. Call your local mechanic for an immediate inspection and car repair.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency
Fuel efficiency or economy is also a key factor that is negatively affected along [...]

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