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Auto Detailing

Our car detailing company in Northbrook uses a fresh bucket of PH balanced soapy water to clean ever car that we detail. We will make sure that your car will have its beautiful color restored. Our company uses Elite Details to ensure that your car will get the color that it deserves. With proper decontamination and expert polishing combined with superior cleaners will make your car stand out. Our auto detail company adds a six-month layer of protection by using a sealant. We use Flex Buffers combined with high-end polish and wax to give your car that deep wet paint look.


Paint Correction

When it comes to your new car, a minimum of four hours is needed to polish and prepare the paint. With this process, your car will be scratch-resistant and the paint coating will bond correctly. Our car detailing services in Northbrook uses a layer of ceramic coating or crystal lacquer coating that will protect your perfectly polished car. When these coatings are applied, it will last up to two years of protection.
After we have applied this protective coating, dirt and debris will easily wash off on your vehicle. The coatings will provide your vehicle a deep wet paint look and shine that is unparalleled to traditional wax. Our auto detail company will make sure that your painting correction will be done at the highest quality of work.


Ceramic Coating

The advanced polymer system has a lot of advantages, such as providing better scratch and mar resistance. It forms a layer of clear coat over the automotive finish that has better UV resistance, and better chemical etch resistance and better release properties than any other consumer product.
It will give your car a glow that other vehicles don’t get. Wax is old technology, and it quickly washes away with simple soap and water. Our car detailing company in Northbrook is well skilled in providing a ceramic coating for your vehicle.


Interior Detailing

Our detail car cleaning in Northbrook will ensure to use biodegradable cleaning products to remove any stubborn stains as well as odors. We use PH balanced chemicals to clean and condition all leather. Our detail car wash service will also clean all the cracks and crevices that most detail shops forget about.
If you have stubborn stains that you can’t get out, no need to worry because we will take care of that for you, from your moon roof to the rug, we will remove as much dirt and grime as possible. We will make sure that we leave your car spotlessly clean. We can scotch guard your fabric to protect it from accidental spills in the future.

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