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car oil change service done by professional mechanic

car oil change service done by professional mechanic

One of the most basic and essential car maintenance tasks is changing the oil; how long it takes depends on several factors. Are you doing it yourself or taking it to a shop? If you’re going to a quick lube shop, the process could take as little as 15 minutes, while a repair shop might take between 30 and 45 minutes. DIY oil changes typically take between 30 minutes and an hour or longer depending on your experience.


Why Do Repair Shops Take Longer Than Quick Lube Shops?


There are two main factors: a quick lube shop specializes in an instant oil change and has a setup that’s geared towards rapid oil changes, so you can go and typically get [...]

Everybody can tell when a car or other vehicle is making more noise than usual when, for example, it races away from a traffic light while making loud bangs. Until it happens to their car, no one thinks about this truth. Here, we’ll look at how to spot a bad muffler:
Mufflers are in charge of muffling engine noises, as their name suggests. To reduce noise pollution, they are made up of a network of tubes, chambers, and baffles. Some of them have a reputation for making growling noises despite being intended to muffle engine noise.
The muffler, which is a part of the exhaust system, helps the engine of your car release its exhaust gasses into the atmosphere. The following are some symptoms that your muffler needs to be fixed:


Your car’s transmission must be in good condition if you want your car to last. Without a functioning gearbox, you won’t travel very far since the transmission delivers the engine power to the gears allowing the automobile to run at any given speed.
Consequently, it’s crucial to keep up with your transmission’s maintenance. Should the transmission be progressively deteriorating over time, it will cause further damage to other car’s components. BTR Chicago Inc., your go-to shop for transmission repair, has gathered some information about the three most important things about transmission and they’re willing to share them with you.

1. Replacing a transmission is not cheap.

The price of a transmission spare part will depend on the kind of car you have, if its maker is a local or a foreign one, and the type of model, luxury or standard, your car is. Also, replacing the whole transmission would end up costing thousands of [...]

An Automatic Transmission is a computer driven, complex mechanical system. Therefore, depending on which car you drive, repairs to your automatic transmission can cost more than engine repairs. Bear this in mind the next time you notice something peculiar and decide to ignore it. Rather act immediately when something doesn’t seem right. These are some of the symptoms you need to look out for:

1. Grinding or shaking during gear change
In normal circumstances, an automatic transmission usually transitions smoothly from gear to gear. If you detect any grinding or slipping noises or feel any shaking when your car changes gear, it is a sure sign that something is amiss. These symptoms may be very subtle at first, but start paying closer attention. It may signal the start of a worsening situation.  [...]

German workmanship is widely known for being reliable with exceptional attention to detail. This can certainly be said of German car manufacturing. German cars can generally be described as well-engineered, high-performance cars. A great example of this workmanship is Porsche. Cars in general need to be regularly maintained and serviced, no matter how well they have been designed and built. Porsche owners can rest easy in the knowledge that there are several specialized repair services around. These companies can assist you in getting your vehicle back on track to once again be the reliable, high-performance vehicle Porsche is known for. The owner of a Porsche that requires brake repair, wheel alignment or more serious repairs, like an engine overhaul, should never settle for the local auto repair shop. Through this article we will inform you of the importance of finding a service provider that specializes in Porsche motor vehicles.

How to Find a Reliable Porsche [...]

Before you take your car out of the road this spring or summer, remember that your car will need maintenance after the cold, long winter months.
There is no better time than Spring to take your car to your car repair Northbrook specific shop to check for and repair any issues caused by the road salt and sand, icy conditions, and cold temperatures before they turn into serious problems.


1. Change oil and filters
Changing your oil filters and oil is essential for a well-functioning engine. Clean oil acts as a lubricant in your engine and keeps it cool, but as the oil ages, it picks up impurities and becomes thicker and less effective.
If you do not get scheduled oil change Northbrook specific services to replace the oil in time it can cause poor engine performance, higher fuel consumption, cause severe engine damage, and [...]

If you plan to use your car for the winter season, but it is not in the most suitable condition, it is a certainty that you are on the way to trouble. However, if you do a good planning and send your vehicle to a car mechanic in advance, that problem will be practically non-existent. Therefore, BTR offers you the following maintenance tips:

1. Check your oil levels and don’t gamble with your fuel light
It is extremely important that the oil level of your vehicle is between the maximum and minimum marks of the dipstick of your vehicle, because if it is low, there is a very high probability that your vehicle will suffer a breakdown or damage to the engine that requires a transfer to a car repair shop. When your vehicle is warm enough, be sure to check the oil level.

Also check if your vehicle has enough fuel in its [...]

Chip tuning is one of the most frequently used, and most accessible, simple workshop methods for increasing engine power. In a chip tuned engine, the electronics force equipment to run more efficiently. The turbine pushes additional air into the combustion chambers, the injection system injects a similarly large amount of fuel, increasing the performance. Nevertheless, there is not a universal answer regarding the amount of horsepower that can be added to the engine – this depends on the unit itself as well as it’s type. The reserves that reside in the equipment make a big impact on the effectiveness of chip tuning: i.e. if, at factory settings, the turbocharger reaches a maximum of 60 percent of its maximum efficiency, it is obvious that it can be “boosted”. If, at normal engine settings, the turbocharger reaches its limits, it can really just be made to work more efficiently within the engine speed ranges where there are [...]

Many European imported vehicles are known for their top performance, outstanding luxury, and first-class performance.  That being said, even when considering this elite group of available options, not many come close to the reputation and glamour that Porsche provides. Some people consider Porsche to be a brand equivalent to any of the shiny adjectives one may use when describing a truly top-of-the-line automobile, and there is evidence to back that up.

Although a Porsche may be representative of a variety of themes, it is most often the quality itself that creates the demand for this vehicle.  From optimum acceleration and braking to incredibly fine control and responsive steering, there is no denying what a Porsche has to offer and once you have taken one for a spin, you can completely comprehend why so many drivers are enthusiasts.

Why Porsche?

Are you really asking this question? Although it may seem intimidating to consider having to work with [...]


The arrival of spring is perhaps one of those moments where car owners feel a complete relief, because they no longer have to use any type of material to melt the ice (such as salt and ash) to be able to drive well during that time of summer. But another main reason for that joy is because such deicing products could have caused corrosion damage to car parts and paint to the point of making costly repairs or depreciating the car’s original value.
Therefore, to avoid worrying about whether your car is in good condition for that long-awaited Spring Break or summer trip, you can take your vehicle to BTR Chicago for a car inspection to clear up your doubts.
By conducting a basic car review, you are ensuring that your vehicle stays running smoothly for much longer and avoiding potential long-term problems. If you don’t do it in time, the consequences will [...]

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