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7 Important Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Before you take your car out of the road this spring or summer, remember that your car will need maintenance after the cold, long winter months.
There is no better time than Spring to take your car to your car repair Northbrook specific shop to check for and repair any issues caused by the road salt and sand, icy conditions, and cold temperatures before they turn into serious problems.


1. Change oil and filters
Changing your oil filters and oil is essential for a well-functioning engine. Clean oil acts as a lubricant in your engine and keeps it cool, but as the oil ages, it picks up impurities and becomes thicker and less effective.
If you do not get scheduled oil change Northbrook specific services to replace the oil in time it can cause poor engine performance, higher fuel consumption, cause severe engine damage, and cut the lifespan of your engine short.

2. Check all fluids
As important as an oil change is checking your vehicle’s fluids. The all-important transmission fluid change Northbrook based service should be accompanied with replacement or topping up of your power steering, brake, windshield washer fluids, and coolant as per the owner’s manual of the car.

3. Tire maintenance
Tires are the only thing connecting and keeping your car on the road. It is very important to maintain your tires to ensure your safety. While swapping your winter tires for regular tires it is important to check and correct the tire pressure. Tires should be rotated every 10,000 km and checked for tread

4. Replace your wiper blades
It is recommended to replace wiper blades during Spring to prepare for the spring showers. The snow and ice damage wipers a lot during winter and will be inefficient in providing visibility in the rain.

5. Check the battery
The cold is a killer to batteries and when spring arrives it is the perfect time to have your battery tested. Ensure that the battery is securely mounted and that the connections are not corroded. It is advisable to replace batteries older than five years.

6. Inspect all belts and hoses
Freezing temperatures can harden rubber and cause serious damage. All the belts and hoses in your car should be checked by an auto mechanic Northbrook specialist. Tensioners and pulleys might also have to be replaced along with the required belts to prevent the belt from slipping.

7. Check the lights
All exterior and interior lights should be thoroughly checked to ensure your road safety. Lights have to be clean, working, and bright enough for other road users to easily see. Not being able to see your intention on the road can lead to a serious collision and injury.

BTR Chicago is the auto repair Northbrook residents love. We will take care of all your spring car maintenance requirements. Keep your vehicle operating at its peak while ensuring the safety of you and other road users. Contact us today!

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