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3 Essential Things to Know About Transmission Repair

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Your car’s transmission must be in good condition if you want your car to last. Without a functioning gearbox, you won’t travel very far since the transmission delivers the engine power to the gears allowing the automobile to run at any given speed.
Consequently, it’s crucial to keep up with your transmission’s maintenance. Should the transmission be progressively deteriorating over time, it will cause further damage to other car’s components. BTR Chicago Inc., your go-to shop for transmission repair, has gathered some information about the three most important things about transmission and they’re willing to share them with you.

1. Replacing a transmission is not cheap.

The price of a transmission spare part will depend on the kind of car you have, if its maker is a local or a foreign one, and the type of model, luxury or standard, your car is. Also, replacing the whole transmission would end up costing thousands of dollars and nobody wants to pay that much even if you can afford it. Nevertheless, the good news is that if you follow the maintenance schedule for your transmission and regularly check and timely address any problem it may have, you can avoid that expense fully.

2. Change your transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s instructions

The transmission components are immersed in a specific fluid that keeps the transmission parts cooled and lubricated. For this fluid to perform its function properly, it must be free of impurities that, due to friction, wear out the components, and also, with time, it suffers degradation concerning its original specifications. Therefore, this fluid must be replaced periodically.

It is not a change that should be made frequently. Each brand and model, in the user’s
manual, establishes when this change should be made to prevent damage. Generally, it is necessary to do it every 30,000 to 100,000 miles. Newer models have sealed transmission fluid systems that are designed to last the projected life of your vehicle, and therefore, in these cases, a transmission fluid change is not necessary.
The transmission fluid can also be flushed periodically. This procedure should also not be done frequently and it is advisable to consult with the manufacturer as to whether it is advisable to do so. The process removes sludge and debris that may be in the fluid. However, it does not change the potential degradation of the fluid, which could potentially cause damage to other parts of your vehicle at a later date.

3. Keep an eye out for anything unusual

There is no loss of transmission fluid. The presence of any form of leak or damage must therefore be ruled out if the fluid level is low. Since the fluid is often red in color, it is simple to detect any stains of that hue under the car, which would indicate a leak.
You should have your transmission checked by a competent specialist to look for the issue if your transmission fluid is extremely dark in color and/or smells burnt.
An odd noise or grinding sound when shifting speeds or when the car is in neutral is another sign that something is amiss with the transmission.

Additionally, the transmission can slip between ratios while you’re driving and there might be a delay between gear changes. Any of these signs suggests that a transmission repair may be necessary.

In addition to taking pride in our auto repair service, at BTR Chicago Inc., we also accept responsibility for our work. This means that we’ll do every effort to provide your car with the best auto mechanic service within budget. At BTR Chicago Inc, we are available and ready to assist you.  Should you need maintenance services, or any auto repair, whether it be a transmission repair, car battery trouble, or something else, contact us

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