Everybody can tell when a car or other vehicle is making more noise than usual when, for example, it races away from a traffic light while making loud bangs. Until it happens to their car, no one thinks about this truth. Here, we’ll look at how to spot a bad muffler:
Mufflers are in charge of muffling engine noises, as their name suggests. To reduce noise pollution, they are made up of a network of tubes, chambers, and baffles. Some of them have a reputation for making growling noises despite being intended to muffle engine noise.
The muffler, which is a part of the exhaust system, helps the engine of your car release its exhaust gasses into the atmosphere. The following are some symptoms that your muffler needs to be fixed:


Your car’s transmission must be in good condition if you want your car to last. Without a functioning gearbox, you won’t travel very far since the transmission delivers the engine power to the gears allowing the automobile to run at any given speed.
Consequently, it’s crucial to keep up with your transmission’s maintenance. Should the transmission be progressively deteriorating over time, it will cause further damage to other car’s components. BTR Chicago Inc., your go-to shop for transmission repair, has gathered some information about the three most important things about transmission and they’re willing to share them with you.

1. Replacing a transmission is not cheap.

The price of a transmission spare part will depend on the kind of car you have, if its maker is a local or a foreign one, and the type of model, luxury or standard, your car is. Also, replacing the whole transmission would end up costing thousands of [...]

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