Winter car maintenance: 5 tips to prepare for the cold weather

If you plan to use your car for the winter season, but it is not in the most suitable condition, it is a certainty that you are on the way to trouble. However, if you do a good planning and send your vehicle to a car mechanic in advance, that problem will be practically non-existent. Therefore, BTR offers you the following maintenance tips:

1. Check your oil levels and don’t gamble with your fuel light
It is extremely important that the oil level of your vehicle is between the maximum and minimum marks of the dipstick of your vehicle, because if it is low, there is a very high probability that your vehicle will suffer a breakdown or damage to the engine that requires a transfer to a car repair shop. When your vehicle is warm enough, be sure to check the oil level.

Also check if your vehicle has enough fuel in its [...]

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