Many European imported vehicles are known for their top performance, outstanding luxury, and first-class performance.  That being said, even when considering this elite group of available options, not many come close to the reputation and glamour that Porsche provides. Some people consider Porsche to be a brand equivalent to any of the shiny adjectives one may use when describing a truly top-of-the-line automobile, and there is evidence to back that up.

Although a Porsche may be representative of a variety of themes, it is most often the quality itself that creates the demand for this vehicle.  From optimum acceleration and braking to incredibly fine control and responsive steering, there is no denying what a Porsche has to offer and once you have taken one for a spin, you can completely comprehend why so many drivers are enthusiasts.

Why Porsche?

Are you really asking this question? Although it may seem intimidating to consider having to work with [...]


The arrival of spring is perhaps one of those moments where car owners feel a complete relief, because they no longer have to use any type of material to melt the ice (such as salt and ash) to be able to drive well during that time of summer. But another main reason for that joy is because such deicing products could have caused corrosion damage to car parts and paint to the point of making costly repairs or depreciating the car’s original value.
Therefore, to avoid worrying about whether your car is in good condition for that long-awaited Spring Break or summer trip, you can take your vehicle to BTR Chicago for a car inspection to clear up your doubts.
By conducting a basic car review, you are ensuring that your vehicle stays running smoothly for much longer and avoiding potential long-term problems. If you don’t do it in time, the consequences will [...]

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