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BTR Chicago, Inc is the best choice for the auto repair, car service and maintenance. Stop by and check our state of the art facility in Northbrook

BTR Chicago Inc. offers a full range of auto repairs on your vehicle, we specialize in European cars and a part of our team specializes in PORSCHE.

Let us handle your vehicle for everything from basic auto services like oil changes and brake repair, to full automotive repair, including alternators, suspension, and transmissions as well as complicated specialized engine rebuild. Our skilled, helpful and professional team of car mechanics will assess your vehicle and offer the best solution for your car repair in Northbrook.

We are proud to ensure that every one of our customers leaves our auto repair garage in Northbrook completely satisfied. You are invited to read our reviews, obtained through many years of providing auto mechanic work in Northbrook. And, you can always call us anytime to discuss what kind of car repair you need with one of our auto mechanic specialists, to schedule a car inspection and to arrange a visit in our garage. Our auto repair team will be happy to assist with anything you need, from simple maintenance to a major car repair in Northbrook.


BTR Chicago, Inc - Auto Repair & Car Mechanic Northbrook, IL
We offer a wide range of auto repair and car maintenance services:


Oil Change

The lifeblood of your car needs regular attention from experts who understand what your vehicle needs. At BTR Chicago Inc., we’re always ready to provide fast and reliable auto service. That includes quick and easy oil changes. For the best results, we recommend a synthetic oil change to keep your vehicle performing at its best.  BTR Chicago, Inc. offers very competitive pricing for the oil change services.


Transmission Repair

When your vehicle is giving you the gears, bring it to the professionals at BTR Chicago Inc. We can handle anything with your transmission to keep you on the road. From a simple transmission fluid change to complete transmission repair, our team of certified auto experts can do it all quickly and economically for you. Bring your car to BTR for low-cost transmission repair and maintenance !


Brake Repair

As the part of your vehicle that is most important for keeping you safe, don’t trust your brake service to just anyone. BTR Chicago Inc. is the most trusted source for brake repair in Chicago-land and the general area. We offer you a complete inspection of your brakes and the low competitive brake pad replacement cost  that will ensure that you continue driving your vehicle safely.


Engine Rebuild

From minor mechanical problems to a complete engine rebuild in Chicago-land BTR Chicago, Inc. is the top choice for reliable and honest auto repair. Our engine rebuild and engine replacement team will assess the problem and advise you of what needs to be done, so you don’t have to worry about any high engine rebuild cost.


Charging System

When your vehicle has an alternator issue, or needs a new battery, bring it to our specialists. We can often provide an alternator repair, or if necessary – an OEM replacement or an alternator rebuild services.  At BTR Chicago,Inc. our auto service is here to do what’s best for your vehicle, not what might be best for our bottom line.

Quality service your car deserves – BTR Chicago, Inc professional car mechanic & auto repair Northbrook.

Your car is one of the most significant investments in your life. That is why every vehicle owner knows that having a well-maintained vehicle is vital. When you’re traveling on the road, the last thing that you want to happen is for your car to breakdown. A regular visit to an auto mechanic for car maintenance plays a significant role in ensuring your safety and to prevent severe problems in the future.

If you are in search of an excellent car mechanic in Northbrook, check our car repair shop. From an oil change, auto repair, small engine repair, transmission repair, and other auto services, we got you covered. Our years of experience in the car repair industry allow us to provide top-notch solutions to every car that we handle. While there are other cheap car repairs in Northbrook, we assure you that our auto repair only uses premium quality parts to ensure our valued customers their protection and the quality of their cars. Saving a few dollars for a low-quality and cheap materials and service will eventually cost you more damage in the long run.

Our company has the latest state-of-the-art equipment and tools for us to diagnose your car problems quickly and to save money. Constant up-gradation of computer resources enables us to stay up-to-date with the latest automobiles. Our comprehensive car repair, cheap oil change, and other car services ensure that your vehicle is dependable, and you and your family are always safe.

If you are looking for a friendly and skilled auto repair in Northbrook, you’ve found the right shop. Call us today to learn more about our best-class car services and repair.

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Find anything unusual with your car? BTR Chicago, Inc Give us a call for professional car mechanic & auto repair Northbrook.

Sometimes your car simply needs a break from all the driving. But sometimes it needs a proper mechanic, perhaps for an oil change service in Northbrook or a much-needed brake repair. Once you spot your car acting up, the best thing to do is to contact a car mechanic in Northbrook immediately. Have your automobile examined as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Sometimes all you need is a cheap oil change or car tuning in Northbrook. Our auto mechanics in Northbrook are available to assist anytime.

Do you FEEL anything out of the ordinary

It is common for automobiles to suffer from front-end shimmy, steering wheel shake, and unusual vibration. Feel free to get in touch with any of our car mechanics for assistance for any auto service in Northbrook.

Do you HEAR anything different or unique? 

If you hear anything unusual in your car like clunking, noise when turning, squeaking, or leaking air sound, then it is time to call your nearby auto mechanic in Northbrook.

Do you SEE anything new or questionable? 

Some common car problems to see include unusual lights, leaking, and flickering. For any of these sights or similar problems, get in touch with your local car mechanic in Northbrook.

Do you SMELL anything funny?

Watch out for unusual smells in any of your cars like gas, oil, or burning. At this point, it is best to contact your auto mechanic in Northbrook to help you figure out where the smell is coming from, and how to best address it.

BTR Chicago, Inc is the best choice for the regular vehicle maintenance, auto repair and service.

Regular vehicle maintenance typically includes tire rotations, oil changes, fluid reservoir checks, fill-ups, and light replacements. You can do all these by yourself anytime and anywhere since they require no further assistance or any special equipment.

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential to keep your automobile running in tip top shape so you can enjoy it for the years to come. The little upkeep you do overtime accumulate in the long run and help keep your vehicle in perfect condition especially when you need it the most. If you cannot do these maintenance alone, you can always get in touch with auto repair shops in Northbrook.

Proper regular maintenance including engine tune-ups and oil change in Northbrook helps improve the quality of your vehicle for long-time use. This lessens the need for repairs including transmission repair and small engine repair in Northbrook. Once you observe anything unusual about your car, call your local auto mechanic in Northbrook immediately for an appointment to prevent further damages. This can include a car tune-up in Northbrook, a brake pad replacement, an auto body repair, or a complete car repair in Northbrook.

The Most Common Symptoms of Transmission Repair
BTR Chicago, Inc Professional auto service & car mechanic Northbrook

Transmission is Slipping
To know that your transmission is slipping, it would feel like driving perfectly one minute and having your gear change the next for no reason. This is also usually accompanied by a whining noise. Once you spot these symptoms, you should call your mechanic soon and have a small engine repair done in Northbrook as deemed necessary. Your car might need an oil change service. This should have your vehicle running in no time.

Shifting Gears
Does it take longer to get your car into the right gear? This could be a symptom of a transmission repair. Your vehicle might be suffering from a transmission fluid leak. Prolonging this might damage your car and leave it to overheat. In turn, this damages other parts of your car system. For these problems, have your car mechanic in Northbrook assess the condition of your gears and perform a transmission repair in the Northbrook area for smooth driving.

Transmission Won’t Stay In Gear
Have you experienced putting your vehicle into gear and not moving? When this happens, this is typically from a faulty transmission that needs urgent transmission repair in Northbrook. Transmission failure has plenty of symptoms and some of them can be tricky to discover. When in doubt, it is always better to consult with your auto mechanic in the local area whether you need an oil change or a complete auto repair in Northbrook. They can maintain your transmission effectively to prevent problems in the future.

Burning Smell
Smelling a burning scent in your vehicle is never a good thing. This is usually a sign of transmission failure. You should have your vehicle checked by your car mechanic in Northbrook as soon as possible. You might need a transmission fluid change or auto body repair in Northbrook. If possible, reschedule your activity for the day and take care of your transmission system first.

Leaking Fluid
One sign of having a transmission fluid leak is seeing red fluid under your vehicle. It could be coming from a gasket, a cooler line, or a seal. When this gets worse, it might leak onto the hot pipes and damage other working parts of your car system. You might need either an entire car repair and not just a simple transmission fluid change.

Buzzing Or Humming Noise
Buzzing or humming noise is another thing you should look out for to check if your car needs a transmission repair. It is not normal for your vehicle to make any weird noise randomly. If you hear any clicking, humming, or buzzing, this is most likely coming from your transmission. Ask your auto mechanic in Northbrook to inspect your vehicle before proceeding with the car repair.

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